36 Million Have Hearing Loss

Nova Looping can be installed anywhere it is important for people to understand and add pleasure or meaning to an occasion.

  • Churches
  • Hotel and corporate meeting rooms
  • Theaters
  • Service Stations and Much More!

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There are many places where hearing is challenging and make it difficult or impossible for poeple with an aided hearing hanicap to hear. Hearing Induction Loops serves this demographic and encourages participation.

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What is Looping?

Looping is a simple technology that allows hearing devices to serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, sharp, customized sound. It can be adapted to use in large public spaces, such as airports and theatres, but can be just as easily installed in churches, drive-up business windows—even in a single room at home. Umstattd Hall is looped for your hearing convenience.

How to Use Induction Looping

When a visitor with a hearing aid sees the Hearing Induction Loop sign in your establishment he or she simply activates the t-coil switch or button on their hearing aid. Instantly, your patron will be able to hear clearly directly through their hearing aid without distraction from background noise. Creating an easier way to communicate with professionals, listen to conferences, or enjoy live entertainment.

Why Hearing Aids Aren't Enough

Today's digital hearing aids enhance hearing in conversational settings. Yet for many people with hearing loss the sound becomes unclear when auditorium or TV loudspeakers are at a distance, when the context is noisy, or when room acoustics reverberate sound. A hearing loop magnetically transfers the microphone or TV sound signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a tiny, inexpensive "telecoil" (t-coil) receiver. This transforms the instruments into in-the-ear loudspeakers that deliver sound customized for one's own hearing loss.

Two Professionals Bringing One Great Service

Nova Looping LLC., brings together the two business skills essential to successfully install the highest quality and reliable working Hearing Induction Loops.
Koby Electric and HEARINC have come together to help people with hearing loss hear and understand better in home, business and entertainment activities that are available to our community.

Hear Inc.

Jim Morris - Owner
An experienced audiology practice is also essential for validation of the installation and to help looped location users understand how to use the system and configure their hearing devices to work best in looped environments. HEARINC, has over fifty years of experience helping people with hearing loss live more active and engaging lives through hearing amplification and counseling.

Koby Electric

Steve Kobilarcsik - Owner
A quality installer is required that is experienced in home, business and industrial electrical applications. Koby Electric is a license and bonded company with over fifteen years of experience in electrical installations, repair and retrofits in all applications from home to large industrial.

Interested in Installing Looping?

Our seasoned professionals are here to assist you with any questions you may have about Hearing Induction Looping. Please take a moment to contact Nova Looping and an associate with reply shortly.





How May we Assist You?:

Unlike FM and Infrared listening systems, loop systems broadcast directly into hearing aids:

  • Require no pick up/return of portable receiving units and headsets and are hearing aid compatible; no assistive listening device (ALD) required.
  • Require fewer portable receiving units (and batteries).
  • Are inconspicuous: No need to visually announce "I am hearing impaired" - this is an invisible solution to an invisible problem.
  • Entail no hygienic concerns regarding ear buds.
  • BEST of ALL People with aided hearing loss will enjoy returning to the activities and places they have avoided and they will come with their family and friends.

Hearing Induction Looping Brochure

Looping Brochure

See a detailed diagram along with some helpful information about setting up a system in your organization.
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Articles and Info

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induction diagram

Induction Loop Diagram

The diagram outlines the basic structure of the induction loop process. Your hearing aid guests will apprecitate your attention.
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Take a Moment to View Some Amazing Videos of Induction Looping

Many of these videos are taken to give the audiance a chance to actually hear the difference Induction Looping can do for someone with hearing aids. Take a moment to see the dramatic difference.

Audio Example in a Church

Experience how a person with hearing aids would hear a church reading with and without the use of a hearing loop. The difference is clear.
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A First Experience

A nine year old girl reacts to her first experience of a home TV room hearing loop (broadcasting the TV sound wirelessly through her hearing aids).
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Live Audio of Train Station

Ambient audio is compared with hearing loop audio in the NYC subway.
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Hearing Induction Looping